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Blog March 20, 2016

Hello there, folks.

My name is John Waterman, and this is the website I’ve established to talk about my writing. It’s essentially my forum, though I’ll entertain any and all comments if they’re polite and constructive, even–especially!–if you disagree with me. There are plenty of other forums available for other sorts of comments; just not here.

I’ve been writing for a while now, probably about 25 years or so, though this is my first foray into putting my work out in front of the public. I’ve foregone ‘traditional’ publishing in favor of electronic media, a move that I feel will put me in contact with more people who would be interested in reading and enjoying my fiction. I selected Man From The East¬†as the first of my novels to get released, and if it becomes popular I will release others in the same related milieu, that of the ‘Hypertemporal Security Agency’.

Though I write about a world in which travel between Universes–‘timelines’–is common enough to cause problems and thus require some form of police force to address them, it’s not all about the world or the whizz-bang technology. I prefer to focus on characters, whether their internal dialogue or that shared with other characters as they try to deal with the issues before them. Don’t read the motivations, predilections or behavior of the characters as mine, the author’s; I write about people. No one is wholly good or wholly evil. The ‘bad guys’ don’t wake up in the morning thinking they are bad guys; and the ‘good guys’ have their issues and often wonder if they really are ‘good’. They are people, even if they exist only in the words and worlds of my fiction.

Writers themselves garner a lot of attention these days, probably because we’re a lot more accessible presently than in days gone by. I’m not here to talk about myself or my views or my opinions on events past or present. However, I can say a little about myself beyond my Author’s Biography.

I’m a veteran, having served in the United States Army for five years in a number of different roles at the end of the Cold War and the First Gulf War. I have lived outside of the United States, both in Germany and in the Middle East. I’m married, and live in Colorado with my wife and daughter. I have cats, and a dog, and a mortgage on a modest home, and a couple of not-terribly-new cars, and a day job that almost pays for them all; my wife works, too.

The day job is just that. It feeds the family, pays most of the bills, and allows me a not-extravagant lifestyle which offers me the opportunity to write. I’ve always been a writer; it’s been one of my primary activities outside of duty and work, and I’ve always loved telling stories. Stories happen in the Universes I create, but they are about people, first and foremost. Please enjoy.

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