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The Member Nations of the Treaty of Ghazantine are as varied a group of governments and states as the hypertemporal continuum itself. They are the twelve hypertemporally-using nations that banded together after the Second Timewar (see) to create and support the epochal Treaty of Ghazantine, then went forth in the Third Timewar (see) to batter all other hypertemporal-using civilizations into the uneasy state of submission that continues more or less unbroken to the current Epoch. The Treaty created the Hypertemporal Security Agency to protect the Member Nations’ Home Lines, enforce the Treaty’s Articles and Regulations, and restrict the use and possession of hypertemporal technology to Treaty-designated purposes and Treaty-monitored parties.
Under the terms of the Treaty all Member Nations remain sovereign states in control of all territories on their particular designated Home Line, and neither the Agency nor any other Member Nation is allowed to interfere with their sovereign business on their Home Lines save in the case of a Member’s direct violation of the Treaty. Because the Treaty only concerns itself with the regulation of hypertemporal travel, hypertemporal technology and mutual defense from trans-temporal attack, Member Nations are free to do pretty much as they please on their Home Lines so long as they do not seek to manipulate them or any other timelines in a hypertemporal fashion. This could also be construed to preclude massive transfers of military technology from the HSA utilized by a Member Nation to conquer non-aligned ‘aboriginal’ states on their Home Lines, but this provision is only enforced if the Member Nation really oversteps the status quo.
Most Member Nations do not represent every nation, interstellar state or even an entire government that exists on their Home Line. In a few cases (the Limokeyiz Alliance and the Xaptish Trans-Temporal League) the Member Nation in question is actually an entity separate from any particular state, government, or government agency on their Home Line. The leaders per se of those ‘legitimate’ governments do not know that the ‘Member Nation’ organization exists or even has hypertemporal capability. Even where the Member Nation and the governing body to which it answers on its Home Line are one and the same, hypertemporal travel is always considered a state secret of the utmost importance and even highly-placed officials will not know of its existence except as they might have a definite need-to-know and can be trusted (or convinced!) by the Agency Operations Council not to divulge it.
One of the few times where the Agency is allowed to operate a counter-intelligence or security action on a Member Nation’s Home Line is when there is any evidence that the Hypertemporal Secret has leaked out to uncleared segments of that Member Nation Home Line’s government or populace. On occasion these situations have led to a complete restructuring of the Member Nation’s government or internal political organization to ensure that the primary terms of the Treaty (the surety of the Hypertemporal Secret) are upheld. The Agency attempts to remain as politically neutral as is possible during these rather sticky situations, and often ends up letting autocratic though otherwise trustworthy political strong-men from within the afflicted Member Nation’s governmental structure take over as despots, overtly or covertly, to ensure the maintenance of Treaty obligations. However, the Agency is very careful never to let administrators, politicians, or officials from another Member Nation rush in to fill a power vacuum or connive to destabilize their fellow Member Nations in a bid to take control of them.
Consensus rather than majority voting rules the Agency Operations Council, precisely to ensure that permanent factions do not develop amongst the twelve Member Nations. Divisiveness and partisan politics would soon have the Member Nation Representatives at one another’s throats, quickly followed by another devastating Timewar. The Treaty and Agency were created specifically to keep this sort of thing from happening, so the Agency remains quite vigilant in order to keep its upper-level Administrators from succumbing to the lure of becoming power brokers or entering into factional politicking within or amongst the Member Nations.
Given that, the Agency has a very odd relationship with the Member Nations both at the level of its Command Echelon and the level of the Operations Arms. Technically each Member Nation sponsors an Operation Arm, though that same Operations Arm is not under the control of the particular Member Nation which staffs and funds it. Nor can the Agency Command Echelon tolerate any favoritism shown a Member Nation through its sponsored Arm. The relationship between the pre-eminent Association sponsored Twelfth Operations Arm and the rest of the Agency’s Operations Arms is also pretty touchy. The Twelfth is by far the largest and best-equipped Arm in the Agency, and its headquarters is co-located with the headquarters of both the Agency and the Agency’s Force Response. The Twelfth Operations Arm is the only Arm that polices its Member Nation’s own Home Line (or Lines – seven of them – in the Association’s case). This does not violate the terms of the Treaty, but only because the Agency is very careful in how the Twelfth Arm operates outtime and is furthermore painfully scrupulous to never give the appearance that the Association- a ‘mere’ Member Nation’- gives orders directly to the Twelfth Operations Arm, which is like any other Ops Arm an entity under the control of the Agency Command Echelon.
Despite the massive transfers of technology and equipment to the other Member Nations (and through them to all of the Operations Arms they sponsor) from the Association, even in Epoch Fourteen the Association by itself could probably defeat the combined forces of the other eleven Member Nations in an all-out Timewar, though such a Fourth or ‘Final Timewar’ would disjoin most of the Prime Quadrant and severely damage large portions of other Quadrants. The reason it does not and will not has more to do with the Association’s pragmatic desire for peaceful stasis on the hypertemporal front than any adherence to or belief in the actual terms of Treaty of Ghazantine. For the Association, peaceful co-operation and solidarity with the eleven well-equipped allies at their beck and call should outtime trouble rear its head is worth more than the immense effort and collateral destruction that utterly subduing, enslaving and then eternally policing them all would entail.
There have been and probably always will be those minorities in each of the other Member Nations who believe the Treaty to be the instrument by which the Association assures its dominance over all of the hypertemporal organizations in the plenum. Certainly a covert group of people at low to mid-levels in the Agency and a few Member Nations who professed to believe such (The Cabal, see) caused the Disturbances in Epoch Seven when they attempted to subvert the internal structure of the Agency to their own control for their own ends. The Cabal’s upper-level operatives were never captured alive, though from indirect evidence it was assumed that they told their underlings that they were fighting against the supposed domination of the Agency by the Association merely as a ruse and casus seditionis. So far as can be determined the Cabal acted independently of any Member Nation or even any established faction inside a Member Nation government. It is considered most likely that it was a group of Agents who wished to subvert the Agency from the inside to further the very same agenda of control and dominance of which they accused the Association.
By and large the Member Nations appreciate the sovereignty, autonomy and wealth that being party to the Treaty gives them along with the safety and security they gain from it. If they occasionally look jealously at the large and important role that the powerful Association has in the Agency, they also look outside at the enemy organizations that would threaten them and behind them at the miserable devastation of the Timewars, and then – whether gratefully or grudgingly – accept their lot within the status quo.
A list of the Twelve Member Nations and the Operations Arm they sponsor follows.

Ondetarian Temporal Protectorate – (First Operations Arm)
Home Line is Sector 12/Cluster Five/Line Seven of the Ondetarian Horizon.

The All-Thing – (Second Operations Arm)
Home Line is Sector 03/Cluster Seven/Line Three of the Monad Horizon.

Bilateral Commission for Hypertemporal Affairs – (Third Operations Arm)
Home Line is Sector 21/Cluster Fourteen/Line Four of the Human Horizon. The Bilateral Commission is a partially clandestine organ of the Dual Government, itself a model of interspecies cooperation sadly rare among hominids anywhere else. Both H. sapiens and H. neanderthalensis achieved full sentience and together created a technic civilization on their Home Line, and in this particular case both species have fully cooperated to build a high Galactic (TL12) economy where ‘Nadok’ (humans) and ‘Tehni’ (Neanderthals) remain culturally separate and politically distinct though each are equal and contribute fully in all aspects of the shared civilization. The Dual Government’s climate of cooperation while each species remains in their separate cultures is backed by a tradition tens of thousands of years old, and all strife between the species has been put aside though Nadok and Tehni tend to live apart and almost never interbreed. The Dual Government’s space footprint is very limited, since the populations of both species are low, stable, and sustainable even at TL12 given the resources of Sol System.
Like most Member Nations, the Dual Government discovered hypertemporal techniques rather by accident. They soon were getting the short end of the First Timewar until they allied themselves with the Thaumaturge’s Society and the Xaptish Trans-Temporal League. Ghazantine (eponymous of the Treaty) is the physical seat of the Dual Government, located on the Terran island of Zanzibar off the east coast of Africa, and was the most neutral place in which the Treaty signatories could decide to meet and negotiate. It also houses the Third Operation’s Arm headquarters, and is the location of the only public hypertemporal transit nexus on the Bilateral Commission’s Home Line. The Dual Government has little dealings with the other races extant in the Galaxy on its Home Line, since the Machineminds have dominated the Khaid there from the end of the Machinemind Revolution ~200Kya. Large interstellar empires on the local line are discouraged by the local line’s Machinemind Continuum, though that body remains innocent of the Dual Government’s hypertemporal activities.
The Bilateral Commission was instrumental in bringing together negotiators from the twelve hypertemporal-using powers after the Second Timewar to enact some form of mutual alliance against the Temporal Reavers (see) and Alignment (see) and create a reliable code for the proper use of hypertemporal technology for mutual defense and trade. Though the Commission has since eschewed any pre-eminent position as senior statesmen or peace brokers, the first Chairman of the Agency Operations Council (in Epochs One and Two) was Koomaih, a Tehni hypertemporal physicist.

Mechanoid Continuum – (Fourth Operations Arm)
Home Line is Sector 02/Cluster Six/Line Fifteen of the Mechanoid Horizon of Tertius Quadrant. The Mechanoids are by far the strangest race of beings found among the Treaty’s twelve Member Nations. Unlike the Machineminds of the Association, which are in the end the result of sapient data-level constructs running and evolving within ultimately Khaid-developed ultratech information systems, the Mechanoids instead are more akin to beings assembled from base units of tiny (but still macro-scale) mechanical and electronic devices with limited self-replicating abilities that evolved and exist inside entire ‘mecho-systems’ of inter-dependent and self-sustaining forms at many levels of complexity and interaction. They share parallels with biologic beings in gross outline, though their internal ‘mechabolism’, replication systems and evolutionary processes defy all but the most general analogies with biological metabolisms or ecosystems. Likewise the structure of their consciousness and sapience defies all but the most vague comparisons with either biological sapients or data-level intelligences. The Mechanoids developed hypertemporal techniques based on zero-dimensional Wave transforms early on in their Tertius Quadrant timelines (roughly 5-6Gya), but they generally ignored the implications until their curiosity was aroused by the massive disturbances generated in the continuum by the First Timewar.
The Association Machineminds were responsible for negotiating the Mechanoid’s acceptance of the Treaty, though even the Machineminds are not sure that these strange beings from the Tertius Quadrant actually understand the nature of the Treaty. Mechanoids have the least presence in the Agency of all the Member Nations, though even limited cooperative research has drastically improved some aspects of Machinemind evolution and the commensurate development of Association ultratech. It can only be assumed that the molecular-level nature of biologic beings and the digital data-construct nature of machineminds has similarly influenced the Mechanoids own ‘mecho/diode-level’ civilization.
Mechanoids themselves almost never venture into the Prime Quadrant, due partially to the non-trivial distance between the Prime and Tertius Quadrants on the β axis. They have developed special classes of machine beings (the distinction between biology and engineering blurs in many fashions when defining Mechanoid constructs) to fulfill their obligations to the Agency. Many of the complex remote probes which the Agency uses to explore and monitor the continuum are of primarily Mechanoid construction, though they house Association machineminds as controlling intellects. The Mechanoids also maintain much of the Agency’s deep-time monitoring equipment and have some implicit but undetailed duties concerning the portal and hyperwave network due to their mastery of zero-dimensional internal Wave transforms.
The Mechanoid Continuum’s Member Nation Representative and Arm Commander on the Agency Operations Council are always members of one of the other Member Nation’s extant biological species that has been given a whole-brain implant with AI-mediated interfacing so it may more easily treat with the biologic/Machinemind majority in the Agency. (All biological beings are pretty much the same to Mechanoids, the differences between the various species seeming rather inconsequential compared to the vast gulf between Mechanoids and biological carbon-life or digital data-level sapients.) The Mechanoids always use the bodies of condemned criminals to house their special ‘interface intelligence modules’, in effect creating a ‘cybrid’ organism. These ‘cybrids’ serve as the Mechanoid’s ambassadors and field operatives where such are needed. Few Agents from any of the other Operations Arms have ever laid eyes on a ‘real’ Mechanoid, and fewer still have braved the awesome journey to visit the Mechanoid’s Home Line in the Tertius Quadrant, far across the β axis.

Iklanim Empire – (Fifth Operations Arm)
Home Line is Sector 30/Cluster Six/Line Fifteen of the Human Horizon. The Iklanim Empire is a fully technic Galactic civilization (mid-TL12) covering a large contiguous volume of the Local Galaxy in their Home Line. The humans on Terra (the ‘Iklan’) early on (~30,000 years BPE) enslaved the surviving populations of H. neanderthalensis (the ‘Manolan’). Thousands of generations of selective breeding and later artificial genetic manipulations have transformed the original Neanderthal stock into a nearly perfect servitor race that is closer to domestic animals, albeit still sapient ones, than slaves. The Empire is engaged in progressive acquisition of territory and domination of all ‘minor’ races in their volume on their Home Line, though they are very careful not to challenge local-line Khaid/Machinemind dominance there yet. The Khaid/Machinemind Axis on the Iklanim Home Line is not part of the Member Nation that supports the Twelfth Operations Arm, and it possesses neither hypertemporal travel nor knowledge of the Hypertemporal Secret.
The Iklanim Empire enlists large numbers of sepoys from alien races conquered on their Home timeline since their development of FTL travel ~10,000 years BPE in addition to huge armies of cloned and enhanced Manolan troopers, and it employs more Machineminds on its timeline than any other Galactic race save the Khaid. The Iklan are rigidly structured into an ancient (the roots of their current civilization are unbroken back to at least 30,000 years BPE) and oppressive techno-feudalistic caste system the likes of which is known nowhere else in the plenum, and the Agency has had to intervene several times to forestall internal political rebellions in the Empire that might have utilized TL13 equipment stolen from Treaty transfers of Association ultratech for their own ends. The only pragmatic solution under the terms of the Treaty was for the Agency (in Epoch Six) to secretly install a dynasty of carefully selected despots to dominate the several oligarchic clans that in effect ruled the Empire, along with very strict oversight over who in the Empire’s government is allowed access to hypertemporal technology and knowledge of the existence of same.
Iklanim science developed most of the physiological and neurological enhancement techniques now used by the Agency on human operatives. These very same augmentation technologies made Iklanim (Manolan) troopers and (Iklan) hypertemporal operatives very deadly during the First and Second Timewars. Iklan combatech Agents are both feared and prized by all Operation Arm’s Mission Divisions in the Agency and their Manolan combat troopers are found in several contiguous Bands of the Agency’s Force Response and the Fifth Arm’s Guards Detachment under the leadership of unenhanced Iklan officers. It is surmised that many of the Agency’s current outtime enemies which use TL12 enhancement technology stole it from the Empire during the First and Second Timewars.

(Sixth Operations Arm)

Limokeyiz Alliance – (Seventh Operations Arm)
Home Line is Sector 65/Cluster Ten/Line Three of the Human Horizon. The Limokeyiz Alliance, though considered a ‘Member Nation’ under the Treaty, does not represent nor is even an official department of the government on their Home Line. Instead it is a secret group of well-placed and rich traders who stumbled across hypertemporal technology quite by accident during the Second Timewar, and used their newly found opportunity to build enough personal wealth to virtually control their Home Line’s local government and society. Their Home Line’s extant nation is known as the ‘Tieran Mandate’, a TL12 Terran Human Galactic civilization that has conquered the Ankhil’i and the T’song-u in a timeline where the Khaid and Machineminds had long ago all but exterminated one another in the Galaxy. The Limokeyiz Alliance exists as a shadow organization within the Mandate, using wealth and political power gained from their secret exploitation of hypertemporal trade to buy leaders and influence the local line’s government.
The Factors of the Limokeyiz Alliance are the pre-eminent hypertemporal traders and exploiters of resources among all of the Member Nations, and they have by far the greatest number of Agency-registered hypertemporal trading groups and traffic amongst the timelines. The greater proportion of hypertemporal crimes and illegal activities (as opposed to enemy action) occur within the Alliance and its outtime demesne, and the Agency’s Security Divisions pay special attention to the dealings of the Alliance’s Factors wherever they operate across the plenum.

Thaumaturge’s Society – (Eighth Operations Arm)
Home Line is Sector 129/Cluster Six/Line One of the Wild Horizon, Secundus Quadrant. This Member Nation exists in a place located farther across the p and β axes than any other in the Agency. The physical constants in this Quadrant of the plenum allow what only could be termed ‘magic’ and ‘psionics’ to operate, and the highly skewed probability and space-time constants in the Secundus Quadrant have created a temporal history and flow of events just as bizarre. Both recognizable and genetically convergent versions of humans, Khaid, and many other intelligent species found in other Horizons exist here.
At is core, the Thaumaturge’s Society is a brotherhood and club made up of members of these species-analogues that have achieved the ability to travel hypertemporally (and produce many other powerful effects) through the study, use, and analysis of ‘magic’ and/or ‘psi’ talents. Their abilities tend to work rather erratically in the Prime Quadrant, and likewise Prime Quadrant technology generally functions only with serious and erratic limitations in the Secundus Quadrant. Cooperative research has greatly furthered both the function of Association ultratech and the Society’s ‘magic’. The Society has by far the smallest sponsored Operations Arm of any in the Agency, mostly made up of Agents from other Operations Arms, many whom manifest ‘magical’ abilities of their own in the Secundus Quadrant or the Prime or both. The peculiar talents, insights and skills of the Thaumaturges are prized by all Member Nations and the Agency. There is no mention of the Thaumaturges or indeed the Wild Horizon in any hypertemporal organizations’ records before the end of the First Timewar, and it is surmised that the entire Horizon came into being (or at least came into contact with others) as a result of the great havoc that the First Timewar wreaked on the hypertemporal plenum.

Commonality of Plenary Sodalities – (Ninth Operations Arm)
Home Line is Sector 16/Cluster Three/Line Nine of the Human Horizon. The Commonality is populated and controlled primarily by the hominid race known as the Kadatil, a species which the Khaid engineered from existing T’song stock around 0.25Mya. The Kadatil had been created as a multi-purpose servitor race, able to breed quickly (though in a controlled fashion) and populate environments that the Khaid found distasteful or dangerous, in order to carry out gross industrial tasks and resource exploitation. The Kadatil were intended to be much more biddable and controllable than the then-recently rebellious Machineminds while retaining useful intellectual characteristics, but this plan backfired on their Khaid designers. Their erstwhile servants secretly out-populated the Khaid even as the legitimate populations continued to serve their masters. Some 45Kya, whilst the Khaid and Machineminds were distracted by the Replicator Wars, the Kadatil exterminated the Machineminds with systemic meme-viruses and also blew the Khaid back to the Stone Age.
The Kadatil now rule more or less the same territory as had the pre-Timewar Khaid, and do so with the same level of technology their former masters had (late TL12, equal to the pre-Timewar Association). The Commonality of Plenary Sodalities, as a Member Nation, is next in technological means and overall combat power to the Association though the gap is great since the Kadatil lack replicator (reality graphics) and top-end hypertemporal (portal and hyperwave) technology of their own and thus have to maintain a much larger military and civil infrastructure to govern their Home Line. H. sapiens no longer exists on their Home Line, T’song are second-class servitors, the surviving Khaid are limited to semi-sentient feral populations (it is rumored that the Commonality is engineering them into a slave-soldier race) and all other alien races are restricted to low Galactic (TL10) means at best.
The Commonality maintains decent relations with the Khaid and Machineminds of the Association, but it will not allow members of either Association race access to their Home Line without extremely tight controls. They appear to be perfectly happy to rule over their Home Line and continue conquering more spatial territory therein while working upon their plans to restructure their own species along with the other races that fall under their local line sovereignty.

Thrandor Hegemony-(Tenth Operations Arm)
Home Line is Sector 06/Cluster Twenty/Line One of the Thrandor Horizon.

Xaptish Trans-Temporal League-(Eleventh Operations Arm)
Home Line is Sector 09/Cluster Twelve/Line Four of the Xaptish Horizon.

The Association – (Twelfth Operations Arm)
Home Lines (seven total!) are in Sector 72/Clusters Seven, Eight, Nine, Thirteen and Fourteen of the Human Horizon. Within the Agency the Association is the tail that wags the dog, since it is the source of the best technology available anywhere in the plenum (TL13). It is also by far the largest and most industrialized of the Member Nations, and the Operations Arm it sponsors is the largest and best-equipped in the Agency. The Association’s seven Home Lines are ‘lock-stepped’ and connected by large fixed portal nexes, allowing free hypertemporal travel and trade amongst the lines from all across Association-held space in those timelines from Era -1500 to Era 700. The Association Home Line in Cluster Fourteen (number Seven) is the base reference for Sector 72 (and the entire Human Horizon), though no travel downtime of Era 700 is allowed there. There are rumors of a Transcendence Event past that point on those timelines, though no one in the Agency or the Association is forthcoming with any details.