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Blog 04.22.16 April 23, 2016

Hello, my friends.

I can’t complain too much. I’ve been afforded the free time to write a novel (actually several, but only one is available so far on Kindle) and get it out to the world without the interference of wrecking cellulose and ink and begging space on bookshelves.

However, having found all that much easier now than in previous generations, I still need readers. Finding them is still a matter of exposure and a good deal of word-of-mouth. I don’t have a marketing campaign run by paid workers, nor the advertising muscle of a traditional publishing house.

So I’m asking you, O Reader of this Blog, that if you haven’t already then please get my book from Kindle and give it a read. If you like it–or not–leave a review even if all you’ve read is the sample available for free on Kindle. If you’re honest, you won’t hurt my feelings. I don’t have any feelings, anyway <insert cute smiley here>.

But if you do read it, share it with your friends, or colleagues, or that neighbor or relative who you know likes this stuff–even if you don’t. Storytellers need people who share the stories, just like the stories themselves need readers. If this story deserves to be read, if not by you than by someone you know, get it out there to them. Your reward will be more stories that you can share with those who also enjoy them.

Leave feedback <here>, even if you didn’t think ‘Man From The East’ was the greatest thing you’ve read all year, or all month, or all week, and encourage those in your life who like these sorts of stories to leave their feedback <here> and/or on Kindle after they read it. Doing so will ensure that more interesting fiction gets out there.

I like to joke that my particular ‘superpower’ is turning electrons into cellulose stained with some expensive allotropic carbon. Luckily the Kindle ‘publishing’ process spares cellulose from having to be so tormented. Electrons from my computer become electrons in the Kindle servers, which then go to your media access device and become photons for you to enjoy. I don’t know how ‘green’ this process ends up being, but at least this way some cellulose can remain in tree form for a while longer and then perhaps serve some more noble purpose. Like remaining a tree. It’s all up to you.

It’s still ‘early days’ in this process, and I’m really relying upon you, O Reader, to turn stories that a few people have enjoyed into stories a lot of people will enjoy. I appreciate every one of you who reads this blog, and the book I’ve offered on Kindle, and I’ll read everything you have to say; good, bad or indifferent. Stories don’t exist without people to enjoy them; we storytellers are nearly incidental to the process in the end. I look forwards to hear what you Readers have to say.

Keep striving, and enjoy.





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